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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ethiopia Journal, Day 1

Whew. We are here. We left Michigan on Wednesday morning and had a 9 hour layover at the Dulles airport. We walked around, ate lunch and dinner together, read books and just talked. At 8pm we finally boarded the plane.

And stayed on that plane for 17 hours. 17 long hours.

But, we are here. More tomorrow, as I'm currently thoroughly exhausted.

Daddy's Note:

It is hard to sleep in an airplane, we barely got 3 hours sleep, and that was 15 minutes at a time!

Friday Morning

It's now 6:30am on Friday morning. It was so nice to be able to clean up and lay down in bed last night. Unfortunately, sleep did not come easily. There are many dogs in the area that bark and howl most of the night. They were loud!

Anyway, back to our trip. It was very cramped on the plane. Poor Steve is so tall that it was hard for him to get into a comfortable position. We did both manage to sleep some, but got nowhere near a full night's sleep.

There were two different mission groups on our flight. One group was headed to Zambia, another to Rwanda. They were all quite excited about their trips.

There were also other adoptive families from different agencies with us. They weren't too hard to spot—youngish married white couples with looks of hopefulness, excitement, and nerves. :)

We were served 3 meals on the plane, but none were very exciting or tasty (not a surprise). They were very carb-heavy. Thankfully, we didn't have any peanut issues for S who's allergic.

Once we arrived, we got off the plane with our new friends who are adopting a little boy through Bethany. He's somewhere around 6 years old. We got in line to receive our Visas. It was very confusing to figure out where exactly to go and what to do, but we thankfully did not have to wait long.

We then went to get our luggage. Oh my! Suitcases and people everywhere! After waiting a while, we finally found our 4 suitcases. We were relieved they had made it!

We then went through security and found Abel from our agency waiting for us. We loaded everything into a van and we were off! Abel was very friendly and told us about what our schedule would look like for the next week.

We were all very surprised to hear that although we would meet our children the next morning, they would not leave the orphanage until Monday.

There are some good reasons for this, but none of us were happy to hear it—especially since it was a surprise to all of us. We had waited so long! But in only a few days the children will be ours forever.

It was fascinating to watch the road as we drove down it. We found there are several reasons people honk their horns here, including:

  1. to say “Hello”

  2. to say “Watch out! Here I come!”

  3. to say “Get out of my way!”

We came within inches of pedestrians and other cars multiple times. There were many different shops and produce stands along the road, and many people walking.

When we arrived at the guest house, several men carried our luggage in. We met Birtukan and Nesibu (the guest house owners). The fed us soup (delicious!), bread and mangos. It was very nice, but we were all so tired it was difficult to make polite conversation.

We were shown to our rooms and told that we should treat this as our home while we are here. They were very hospitable!

We began to unpack and realized that most of our luggage had gotten wet, so we spent quite a while getting organized and hanging up all of the wet clothes and things. Thankfully we had extra clothes in our carry-ons so we have something dry to put on!

Today (Friday) we are scheduled to go meet our child, have lunch at a restaurant, and then go shopping.

Hopefully we will have a great day—we can't wait to meet our baby!

Daddy's Note:

I slept very easily, but I always sleep easily. I still need to shave, I look like a wolfman. The bed is shorter than me, but so is everyone here.

We're waiting very patiently during our layover.

On our way!

Loading up the van.

Our room for the next 8 days.

Our wet clothes--hopefully they'll dry!

The sitting are outside our room at the guest house.

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