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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ethiopia Journal, Day 3

Ethiopia, Day 3

I had a difficult time sleeping last night, which was very frustrating since I was quite tired. Over breakfast, Abel called and said we had left our camera in the van the night before. Oh my! I was so thankful we were able to get it back.

Breakfast was... interesting. It was tuna fish mixed with some sort of reddish sauce and some vegetables, and very spicy. I tried very hard to eat it—really, I did. But I only took a nibble and then ate a granola bar in my room later. I just couldn't do it.

We then went to Entoto, which is a mountain from which you can see much of the city. There were many donkeys running down the mountain with wood strapped to their back. We also saw several women carrying as much as the donkeys were.

When we stopped to get out, a little boy (maybe 9?) came right up to us and kept a very close eye on one lady who was getting a camera out of her purse. He was certainly hoping for some money! He followed us for a while...

We walked around a bit to see the beautiful mountain, then drove o the old palace and museum.

It cost 30 Birr for foreigners to enter (one USD = about 13 Birr). A guide took us around and explained all of the different items to us. It was very interesting, but because I was so tired, it was difficult to concentrate.

We then walked through the palace. It was very old and it was neat to see and learn more about Ethiopia's history.

We went to a restaurant for lunch that served a variety of things. The waitress recommended the pizza, so we all decided to try that. It was pretty good!

The afternoon was just for relaxing. I took a much-needed nap, and Steve and some others played cards.

Dinner was traditional Ethiopian food at the guest house—yum!

Bitrtukan told us more about the ministry Yezelalam Minch that she works with. I will write more on that later. Birtukan has amazing faith and it is so neat to hear about the work she and others are doing here. The church is quite involved in helping the poor and orphaned, which is also awesome to hear about.

The poverty here is absolutely devastating. Just everywhere, and it affects so many. Being here makes you want to do so much more than what you are already doing.

A common sight while driving around Addis: women roasting corn on the sidewalk and trying to make a living.

Views from the guest house:

The outside of the guest house:

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