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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ethiopia Journal, Day 6

Ethiopia, Day 6

(The rest of the journal entries are coming soon... it's been quite the busy two weeks so far around here!)

Today was not overly interesting. We stopped at the market on our way to lunch at a restaurant. S bought a few things. We also were able to buy coffee, tea, and spices from people at the guest house this morning. Birtukan helps different groups in the community start a business and allows them to sell to guests at the guest house. It's a great way to get some souvenirs and also help people earn a living!

We had lunch at a nice restaurant before heading to the embassy. Cameras are not allowed at the embassy, so we don't have any pictures of this stop. But, we were granted a visa that allows N to enter the U.S.! Yay! That's the last “official” thing we need!

We went back to the guest house to relax, and spend the evening. It was a very nice day, but not very exciting to write about. We were able to get a few cute pics of N, though!

Trying to keep a whiny baby happy at the restaurant

Waiting in the back of the bus

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