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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ethiopia Journal, Day 8

Ethiopia, Day 8

It's almost time to go home—we leave tomorrow night! It has been so wonderful to be here, but we are ready to get home, try to get into a routine, and most of all see our boys!!

This morning we all piled into the van to head to the agency's office to pick up our visa information. While we were on the way there, we found out that the director was held up at the embassy, so Abel decided to take us to a small park/playground to pass the time while we waited.

The older kids ran around and played while those of us with babies walked around enjoying the sights and taking pictures.

We finally headed to the office where we received our visa packets. We were NOT ALLOWED TO OPEN THEM! I don't know what would happen if we opened them, but we don't want to find out! We are to bring them to the U.S. Immigration once we arrive in the U.S.

We then went out for a nice lunch. It was once again difficult to keep N happy during lunch; it's his fussy time where he really needs a nap, but is not very willing to go to sleep. But after lunch we got to deliver the boxes of formula and diapers to the orphanage that our church donated money for before we left. The workers there were so happy to receive the donations, they said they had almost been out of formula.

Since N was asleep in my carrier, I hopped out of the van with him to take some pictures. Several nannies came up to us asking if it was him, and they kissed him and prayed over him. It was so sweet, and thankfully he slept through the whole thing. I don't know how he would have reacted if he woke up.

Back at the guest house the families who were leaving that night got ready to leave. We got a bit of rest and then enjoyed an early pizza dinner before everyone left. After saying good-bye it seemed really quiet, but we headed to bed early so we could pack up in the morning—our plane leaves tomorrow night!

At the Park

The View

The Donations--this was bought with money donated from our church

Back at the guest house--this kid is seriously cute!

N is officially done being happy!

Well, that was fast

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